Podcasts from November 2021

Each episode is from W4CY.com - an internet radio station.  Current month episodes are on this page and below are links to prior months. 

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Nov 10th

  • Back to medical related subjects of scripts, pharmacy, and doctors

  • Monies the politicos want to spend

  • Sports and advertising costs 

  • Legalizing illegal activities

  • Who will be at the top and at the bottom of football, basketball and hockey this year

Nov 17th

  • Neglecting municipal golf courses  READ Blog Post

  • A phenomenal true story of a death and collecting bank funds

  • The honoring of a friend of mine from Syracuse into music halls of fame

Nov 3rd

  • More politics and political quips

  • Two unbelievable stories that tragically ended in deaths with no resolutions

  • People that lost in elections

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