October 2021 Replays

Oct 27th

  • Oil crisis and gas prices, whose to blame

  • As well Trump's mistake the day he became president

  • The LBGTQ movement 

  • Good music on your car radio. Political quips.

Oct 20th

  • Related costs of watching sports events

  • Introduction of music we all enjoy, as a weekly feature 

  • Prescription drugs

  • How both political parties have their faults

Oct 13th

  • Blurbs how the news paper places importance to trivial subjects

  • Governments waste of time with meaningless items

  • Main thrust was about abuse we all all suffer from the new medical practices

  • Quips from listeners

  • Foods that we go to restaurants for

  • Political correctness name changing of sport teams

Oct 6th

  • Why we can not win the global environmental war

  • Plus other quick note subjects

  • Interesting, but not a smooth show for me.

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